dark-forest-1081991_960_720As you’re traveling through the forest alone the wind blows up to you. you welcome this company because you feel so alone, exposed in the elements. you’re looking for home, but you can’t find your way. The wind knows your name, knows your intentions and breezily, like the wind does, tries to convince you that you are not alone in this forest.

The wind is with you. This is fine for some time. You continue on.

As time passes you are convincing yourself that you are making progress, that each step is towards something of substance and not away. The wind, nimble and lithe follows you, maybe even goading you along at times until you realize that the wind isn’t with you so much as it’s just near you, you were really alone the whole time.

Each step you took a song, and each song a story and each story a tear drop each tear drop has a heart each heart has a wish. As you turn around to see how far you’ve come you see clearly that each step you took, you were alone and how you will remain alone, lost amongst the trees.